Saturday, September 09, 2006

Free Wireless

I learn something every day. Apparently, the clustrmaps website is offensive, sexual, illegal, or harmful to my computer system. I know this because the Columbus airport blocks such sites, and said site is indeed blocked.

Driving here this morning, I also learned why a rear windshield wiper is useful. I then learned that US Airways apparently charges a $25 standby fee, though this fee doesn't apply to tickets "purchased" with frequent flyer miles.

Hopefully after this short sojourn, I'll be in the mood to learn about more... universally applicable sorts of things.

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ClustrMaps Team said...

Hi... it's the ClustrMaps Team here... gosh, I panicked when I saw your blog entry appearing on Google's Blogsearch... until I realised that it was a dig at the Columbus Airport wireless 'filtering'/blocking policy rather than us!

But on a serious note, I was wondering if you could email us directly with more details about what exactly made you think they actually blocked it, i.e. did your thumbnail map not show up??? [we have been experiencing some overload problems in the last few days that we are now fixing, so there is a remote possibility that it was not their fault... this is why I'm asking].

Many thanks for using ClustrMaps!

-CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team