Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy De-Lurking Week!

No, it's not a Girls Are Pretty headline; it's a blatant fishing for comments! I know, I know, Lurking is Learning, but that's irrelevant. So! It's time for you to de-lurk.

  1. Have we met in person?
  2. How did you learn about my blog?
  3. What do you do (i.e., are you a scientist)?
  4. Are the "technical" posts too technical or too dumbed-down?
  5. Which kind of posts do you enjoy the most?
  6. Anything else?


Jon Voisey said...

1. We've not met in person, but I wouldn't mind changing that at some point in the future.

2. I found your blog via referrer logs.

3. I think you already know, but I'm a student.

4. For me, they're relatively easy to understand, but then again, I'm into the astronoming too, so I may not be the best person to toss in my opinion.

5. I like the ones about research the most. I'm always curious as to what people are doing, and would rather hear about it in more of an informal format like blogs, than having to read the journal articles.

6. Yeah. Post more.

Amali said...

1. Yup
2. You told me.
3. Poor lowly scum-of-the-earth undergrad.
4. Nope
5. The life-of-a-grad-student ones.
6. Yup

Anonymous said...

1. yup.
2. i don't remember...
3. i do stuff
4. yes.
5. every other one.
6. you told me to post a comment, so i did =)

Amit said...

1. No
2. I think I saw a reference on some other blog.
3. I'm trying to finish my Master thesis in Astrophysics (and work full time simultaneously)
4. I think the "technical" posts are well balanced.
5. The ones that describe your point of view.

Mary said...

Poke. Just letting you know of the existance on my non-LJ blog. It's boring, unoriginal, and rarely used. Yay!

Also, I've already forgotten your questions above. Oops.

Mary said...

Oh, address of said blog =

Josh said...

1. Not that I know of. It's highly improbable.

2. You posted a comment on my blog yesterday.

3. I'm about to graduate as a music major from a nice conservatory, but wish I had gone after a hard science degree instead.

4. Not that I've noticed, but I've only read a few.

5. The science posts, of course! And the posts about post-graduate work in general.

6. Probably. However, it's a thursday, and I've never gotten the hang of thursdays... :P