Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Should Charge a Photon Tax

I think it's time I give you all a tour of where I spend most of my awake-time (and even some of my sleep-time):

I've conveniently labeled the photo for you so you can find your way around. The labels are kind of enh, and hide what they're labeling sometimes, but if you think of it as a treasure hunt, it'll be much more fun.

  1. Unopened package of 72 unsharpened pencils.
  2. New iPod.
  3. Ti-89, running out of batteries. The trick with these things is to replace all of the batteries at once, otherwise the newer ones will explode and the calculator will never work again and Santa will have to replace it.
  4. Bus schedule. Nevermind that I have it memorized.
  5. Leather rose-scented rose.
  6. Pen.
  7. Old 12oz mug. It jumped off my filing cabinet one day, breaking the handle into five pieces, so now it holds pens I never use instead of coffee.
  8. Circumnuclear dust structures in 48 pretty galaxies.
  9. AAS calendar. Tells me the Julian date and moon phase.
  10. Torso-less thinking girl from Chiang Mai, Thailand. She looks like she's made out of some kind of nice heavy wood, but she jumped off another windowsill a few years ago, and broke where her elbows touch her knees, and then I got to play with super glue.
  11. Apparently 11 isn't cool enough to label something.
  12. Coin from the 2006 Mystery Hunt.
  13. Purple 3lb weight; fairly dusty.
  14. Stapler; devoid of staples.
  15. Nice big window. My photons, not yours.
  16. New 15oz mug from Fudan University. Only text on it I can actually read is the 1905–2005, but I have a vague idea of what the rest says.
  17. Cow.
  18. Expired Donato's coupons.
  19. Koala bear. He used to have a Harvard shirt, but clearly a shirtless koala bear is superior to a Hahvahd one.
  20. Wooden dude from Korea. I think.
  21. Pile of papers/trash/junk that moved here from my old office and I don't know what to do with. This whole section of my desk is fairly useless, since the drawers are right there so I can't easily sit there and use it.
  22. New box of Girl Scouth Thin Mints.
  23. Fake coffee.
  24. Sock, not mine. My socks come in pairs, two of which are under the desk, and one of which is in one of the drawers.
  25. Scissors, also not mine. For cutting things.
  26. USB hub, for charging the iPod. Also not mine; belongs to a guy down the hall who has started making threats about what'll happen if I don't return it.
  27. Bacardi cooler bag thingie.
  28. Shot glass, from Jamaica.
  29. A purple pen, not to be confused with the pale purple pen or the dark purple pen or the good purple pen or the purple pencil.
  30. Postcard from Ishigaki next to various trinkets from China and Korea; these trinkets (and the wooden guy) will grow up to become winter tree ornaments.
  31. Research notebook; proof that I am actually organized.
  32. Sugar-free vanilla pudding. I didn't mean to get sugar-free, so I'll never actually eat this.
  33. Bubble-wrap. For popping and annoying officemates.
  34. Phone. If you call it, the girl who had this desk two years ago will tell you to please leave a message. Also comes with a blinking red light.
  35. Technology Review.
  36. Whiteboard eraser.
  37. All sorts of papers about the Galactic center and such things like that.