Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Belated iPhone Post

Yesterday marked the end of vacation, complete with the last leg of all-day driving, this time from South Carolina back to Ohio. Hanging out in the car all day can be really boring, especially when preceded by a day of hanging out in the San Francisco airport watching what we were told was the "worst weather in over ten years." So, naturally, I started playing with the (not my) iPhone:

I just learned that I can't upload photos directly from an iphone to blogger. But now we are at a toll plaza in West Virginia. Typing on the iPhone is hard so I don't think I'll finish this post here. Also the road is curvy and Carina wants a belly rub.
Here is said picture of δ Carina sitting on my lap:
The problem with these kinds of "vacations" is that they are not at all relaxing—and yet it is still really hard to even pretend to get work done, so they are just exhausting. I doubt that going to sleep at 8pm the night before returning to the office is a sign of renewed enthusiasm ...


BJ said...

Cute picture! Carina appears to be startled.

Good luck with your work in the year ahead.

mollishka said...

I don't think she was so much startled as trying to figure out what was worth moving around so much that it woke her up (she basically sleeps the entire time she is in a moving car).

Anonymous said...

My cat is the same, it doesn't even wake up if I put my iPhone earphones down to her ear when I am playing music!