Saturday, July 07, 2007

Announcement of Philosophia Naturalis #12

I'll be hosting Philosophia Naturalis #12 right here at a geocentric view on Thursday, July 19. Philosophia Naturalis is a blog carnival for the physical sciences. If you'd like to suggest an article, you can email me at or leave a comment here. The carnival webpage also offers a more detailed explanation on what kind of articles we're apparently looking for, as well as a few other ways you can suggest a post. I'd like for submissions to be in by the night of Tuesday, July 17 so I can have at least a little time to organize my thoughts. Anything since June 20 is fair game.

And, yes, I did use a mailto link up there. I'm not sure I approve, but you should email me anyhow, unless you're a spambot.


Blake Stacey said...

I'm a little reluctant to nominate my series of posts on the math of quantum mechanics, mostly because it's not finished yet. (It looks about half-done right now.) I do have a bit of fun fluff about applied electromagnetism and a rant about creationist abuse of physics which could probably stand revision.

Oh yes, I recently updated a post about the relation between physics and mathematics which generated some positive responses. Does that count?

Blake Stacey said...

"The Physics of Nonphysical Systems" provoked some good comments.