Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How Do They Do It?

The latest from Quirkology:

I have my own theory, but I don't want to spoil the thinking for anyone. Leave your ideas in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, how about that there really is no mirror, and the talking guy just uses both hands to do the actions and move the objects?

JanieBelle said...

I think you're exactly right, anon.

If you watch the hands just as he reaches for the tea cup to pour the water, one hand moves and the fingers curl slightly before the other.

Notice that the "What you are about to see..." doesn't show up until after the part where the stuff is placed on the table with the narrator's face reflected in the mirror.

So I'm guessing there was a mirror in the beginning,which was removed where the disclaimer appears, then he was just reaching around both sides of a fake wall.

The "mirror" is a hole in the wall.

'course that doesn't explain where the banana goes on the near side of the wall...

Entertaining and interesting, thanks Molliska.

Anonymous said...

When he picks up the cups the one is the "reflection" moves before the one in the foreground. When he puts the cups down they are not in sync. The cup in the "reflection" comes to rest after the cup in the foreground.