Monday, April 16, 2007

Post #100: Happy Blogiversary!

I apologize to my three loyal readers for having not posted much the last few weeks. I tried to make up for it by making the few posts much longer than usual, but the truth is, there has to be a good reason for my not mentioning such things as Coffee being mentioned on Cosmic Variance (apparently, we're fiesty!) or my winning a book for correctly picking The Number. You see, I am extremely silly and therefore had no choice to seize the opportunity to make my 100th post be one year after my first post. It wasn't very substantial, I know, and I didn't really start posting regularly until August or so, but still, a first post is a first post and a blogiversary is a blogiversary.

I could wank about how things here have changed over the past year (e.g., I no longer change the colors and template once a week, and I've even picked a title and everything), or ask for the zillionth time what people would like to read posts on in a desperate attempt to increase readership, but that would be both boring and pathetic. Instead, I've decided to celebrate this auspicious day by writing all about all of the topics I never write about.

First, there are all sorts of personal things I don't tell you about. For example:

  • Any significant other(s) I may or may not have or have had
  • The fact that though I live right next to a very active set of train tracks, the only irritating source of noise pollution in my apartment comes from the couple in the apartment above mine. They fight. A lot. Usually around 3a.m. (Hint: if she's yelling, "get the fuck off of me," you might be doing something wrong, man.) And then they freaking get up at 7a.m. and start banging around and vacuuming. Seriously, what kinds of people vacuum that early on a Saturday morning?? They must be vampires. Or, zombies. And I have started keeping my broom under my bed for just such special occasions.
  • Actually, there are all sorts of people who get on my nerves, and were this a non-anonymous blog, the title would probably be "a geocentric rant" rather than "a geocentric view," and you would be privileged with an explicit insight to one of my officemate's eating habits.
You may have also noticed I generally don't link to other people's stuff, blog posts or articles or youtube videos or what-have-you. Other than just not feeling inclined to, I suppose it's because I don't see much of a point in discussing what everyone else has already said. I also don't typically discuss "issues," though whether this is out of shyness or apathy depends on the specific topic. Take, for example, these two:
  • Gender/feminism/"women in math/science/technology"/blahblahblah: Apparently, this topic makes me rather snarky. The thing is, to first order, I just don't care. It's not that I'm particularly pleased with the current gender ratio in science, and it's not that I think "girls are dumb" (generally, I am inclusive enough to include all gender identifications in such a generalization). A lot of my frustration with this topic is centered on the fact that I don't think of myself as a "woman in science"—I think of myself as a scientist, and so when it comes to science, I get annoyed when people feel the need to apply such labels, even if it is to "applaud" all of the "obstacles" I've "overcome." The next level of frustration is do to the fact that, at least on the internets, a good number of the people who like talking about this crap are the types who blame every obstacle someone with two X chromosomes encounters on her gender. Maybe their parents didn't read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" to them when they were little or something.
  • Religion or the lack thereof: I happen to have rather strong opinions on this particular topic, and like everyone else with an opinion on religion&c, I know my view is correct and yours is wrong and it's my duty as a human being to enlighten you. And, were we to meet in person in a non-professional setting and you were to bring up the subject, I'd let you know exactly what I think. But the interweb is different, and, for now, I'm just not ready to come out of this particular closet; in general, my family believes in a God and my readership does not, and it's up to the latter group to guess which camp my tent is in.
Well, now that I've effectively ruled out almost every non-science topic other science-oriented blogging types discuss, I'm sure I'll have no problem resuming a regular blogging-rate this week.


Dugudeia Murdstone said...

You have more than 3 loyal readers!

Cheers and Happy Blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

You are not a scientist, you are a graduate student. And it is very rude to complain about your office mate, as he/she might read your blog. Unless that is your goal, of course.

mollishka said...

Hi, dugudeia!

anonymous: As one who does science, yes, I am a scientist. It's not something one must be licensed to do; you either do science or you do not. The officemate I'm complaining about does read this blog occasionally, and has already been informed on multiple occasions exactly what I think of their eating habits, and in any case, I was mentioning how I do not discuss said habits.

Blake Stacey said...

Even an undergraduate physics student can explain more phenomena than could Isaac Newton.